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About Conecomp Systems, Inc.

Hybrid: "a thing made by combining two different elements"

One online dictionary

Since its inception, CSI has been focused on combining different elements; people with computers, hardware with software, problems with solutions. The company logo, inspired by the confluence of rivers throughout the Allegheny Mountains, graphically pictures the merging of the dissimilar. Today hybird computing is used to refer to the blending of traditional computing solutions, referred to as legacy, on premise or native systems, with solutions based in the Internet or cloud. In an industry which loves marketing, the 'cloud', the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) and 'Something as a Service' (saaS) are the current buzzwords for valuable processes which began with the creation of the Internet and will continue for a long time to come.

The greatest challenge has been and continues to be merging one group which never changes with another group which never stops changing. Of course, what never stops changing is the hardware, software, devices, the Internet and so on. But what does not change is the most important element, the people. This includes our clients, their customers, the vendors, the tool makers and the employees. Tailoring the current technology to improve the lives of the people using it is a company mission which fortunately is never lacking. Circa 2015, CSI began implementing the current generation, the 4th generation, of its software. The first two generations, in the 1980's and 1990's, addressed the transition from large, secretive mainframe computing to small business servers with terminals and some user productivity software. The 3rd generation, from around the turn of the century onward, was client/server based. Desktop computers and windows based operating systems, exploded user productivity. The Internet was beginning to tie the business world together. Business software could be produced in volume using Rapid Application Development(RAD) programming tools.

RAD tools allow rapid programming within the limitations of the tool. No one tool could keep up with all the changes in technology. About 10 years ago, we decided to rewrite our applications in the same programming language used to write computer operating systems and many of the tools. So the current generation is written in C++ heavily utilizing a library of C++ routines known as Qt. At this level the software can be efficiently integrated into the Internet and written for mobile devices. Since our software now operates at the same level as the environment surrounding it, it can change with that world.

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