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A typical G/L transaction


- Supports generally accepted accounting practices (also IFRS)
Accrual or Cash
- Supports accrual basis, cash basis or modified
Double Entry
- All modules integrate to the G/L through balanced, auditable, double entry transactions

Accounting Modules: Select to see typical options

Version 10, over 30 years experience

Millions of transactions processed

All modules integrate dynamically to the G/L

No posting, closing periods required

Treasurers Report


Fund Accounting
- Simple, safe management of multiple funds
PA DCED Chart of Accounts for Municipalities
- Optional PA DCED CoA preinstalled
Complete Accounting
- Includes all the Accounting functions
Optional Utilities
- Sewage, Electric, Garbage, Flat Taxes, etc

Municipal Modules: Select to see typical options

Fund Accounting


Keeping fund money separated and tracking its usage accurately can be challenging. Our fund accounting is designed to support multiple funds, e.g. the general fund, state fund, Act 13 fund and payroll. As many funds as you need can be setup. Each is kept separate. Simplicity is achieved by needing only 2 screens for most day to day operations. The screen to the left is used to enter and pay bills for any fund. Where accrual A/P is desired, the separate 'enter vouchers' and 'print checks' programs of the included Accounting modules can be used.

Receipts are captured using a standard transaction entry screen such as shown here. Transactions are completely contained within a fund. For example, interest received on a state fund cash account cannot be applied to the General Fund checking account. As this is a standard entry screen it can also record expenses for which checks do not need to be printed, e.g. bank fees. Where Utilities are included, they interface to the Accounting A/R module for tracking receivables.

Payroll requires using only a single screen, shown, to enter hours against employees and print checks. Entries for multiple pay types: regular, overtime, meetings, etc., can be made. As can be seen in the menus above and in Accounting, all the occasionally needed programs like setting up vendors and employees, tax deposit reports, etc. are included. The Municipal Accounting includes all the standard Accounting options.


The Utility options extend the Accounting and Fund Accounting modules. Receivables can be processed from manually entered readings, imported readings and control tables. Postcard bills can be generated. Payments are processed in the standard Accounting A/R module. Utilities can belong to any fund even their own. Options specific to your municipality can be added.

Mobile Order Entry


Inventory Management
- Stock level, reorder control, FIFO & LIFO costing, etc.
Order Entry
- Inhouse and mobile, sales and returns, commissions, etc.
Purchase Orders
- PO's, change orders, multiple receipts, generate from inventory, etc.
- Full or partial, labels, EDI, creates A/R




- Includes Accounting and Wholesale/Distribution modules above
Item Master
- Extends inventory with routings, BOM'S, subassemblies, etc.
Work Orders
- Generate Demands, CRP, MRP; track WIP, scrape etc.
- Shop and machine scheduling, forward and backward


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